YWBL-WH Electronic Components Kit, LED Diodes Transistor Electrolytic Capacitors...



Price: $19.69
(as of Sep 05,2020 18:10:53 UTC – Details)


5 Colors of LEDs:
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, each color 20pcs, total 100pcs

10Ω, 22Ω, 47Ω, 100Ω, 150Ω, 200Ω,
220Ω, 270Ω, 330Ω, 470Ω, 510Ω, 680Ω,
1KΩ, 2KΩ, 2.2KΩ, 3.3KΩ, 4.7KΩ, 5.1KΩ,
6.8KΩ, 10KΩ, 20KΩ, 47KΩ, 51KΩ, 68KΩ,
100KΩ, 220KΩ, 300KΩ, 470KΩ, 680KΩ, 1M
600*1/4W(30resistance values, each about 20pcs, total 600pcs)

12 Types of Electrolytic Capacitors:
50v 0.22 uf;  50v 0.47 uf;
50v 1 uf;  50v 2.2 uf;
50v 4.7 uf;  50v 10 uf;
50v 22 uf;  16v 33 uf;
16v 47 uf;  16v 100 uf;
16v 220 uf;  16v 470 uf
Each value 10pcs, total 120pcs

30 Types of Ceramic Capacitors:
2P, 3P, 5P, 10P, 15P, 22P, 30P, 33P, 47P, 75P,
68P, 82P, 101(100P), 151(150P), 221(220PF),
331(330PF), 471(470PF), 681(680PF),
102(1NF), 152(1.5NF), 222(2.2NF), 332(3.3NF),
472(4.7NF), 682(6.8NF), 103(10NF), 153(15NF),
223(22NF), 473(47NF), 683(68NF), 104(100NF)
Each value 10pcs, total 300pcs

8 Types of Diodes:
1N4148, 25pcs; 1N4007, 25pcs;
1N5819, 10pcs; 1N5399, 10pcs;
FR107, 10pcs; FR207, 10pcs;
1N5408, 5pcs; 1N5822, 5pcs;
Total 100pcs

17 Types of Transistors: 
S9012, S9013, S9014, S9015, S9018, A1015,
C1815, A42, A92, 2N5401, 2N5551, A733,
C945, S8050, S8550, 2N3906, 2N3904
Each value 10pcs, total 170pcs

Weight: 283g(approx.)

Package Includes:
100 × LEDs
600 × Resistors
120 × Electrolytic Capacitors
300 × Ceramic Capacitors
100 × Diodes
170 × Transistors