XL IC Chip Assortment 150 pcs, opamp, oscillator, pwm, PC817, NE555, LM358, LM32...



Price: $24.90
(as of Sep 03,2020 05:19:35 UTC – Details)

XL IC Assortment 132 pcs IC and 18 pcs IC Socket

Included ICs:

PC817c, 20 pcs, DIP-4, General Purpose Photocoupler
ICL7660s, 2 pcs, Super Voltage Converter, Charge Pump
NE555, 20 pcs, DIP-8, Timer, Pulse generation, Oscillator
LM358, 10 pcs, DIP-8, Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier
LM324, 10pcs, DIP-14, Quad Operational Amplifier
JRC4558, 10 pcs, DIP-8, Dual Operational Amplifier
LM393, 10 pcs, DIP-14, Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparator
LM339, 10 pcs, DIP-8, Low Power Quad Voltage Comparators
NE5532, 5 pcs, DIP-8, Dual high-performance low-noise Operational Amplifier
LM386m, 5 pcs, DIP-8, Low Power Audio Frequency Amplifier
TDA2030A, 2 pcs, TO-220, Audio Amplifier in a Pentawatt Package
TDA2822D, 5 pcs,DIP-8, Low Power Stereo Op Amplifier
PT2399, 3 pcs, DIP-16, CMOS Echo Audio Processor
UC3842AN, 5 pcs, DIP-8, High Performance Current Mode Controller
UC3843AN, 5 pcs, DIP-8, High Performance Current Mode Controller
ULN2003AN, 5 pcs, DIP-16, Bipolar (BJT) Transistor Array 7 NPN Darlington 50V 500mA
ULN2803APG, 5 pcs, DIP-18, Bipolar (BJT) Transistor Array 8 NPN Darlington 50V 500mA

Included Sockets:

DIP4 Socket, 2 pcs
DIP8 Socket, 7 pcs
DIP14 Socket, 3 pcs
DIP16 Socket 3 pcs
DIP18 Socket, 2 pcs
DIP8 – SOP8 Through Hole to SMD Conversion Adapter, 1 pcs

Huge IC Assortment contains: PC817, NE555, LM358, LM324, JRC4558, LM393, LM339, NE5532, LM386, TDA2030, TDA2822, PT2399, UC3842AN, UC3843AN, ULN2003AN, ULN2803APG, ICL7660s
Including 2 pcs DIP4 socket, 7 pcs DIP8 socket, 3 pcs DIP14 socket, 3 pcs DIP16 socket, 2 pcs DIP18 socket
Including 1 DIP-8 to SOP-8 Through-Hole to SMD Converter Adapter
Contains various usefull IC types such as: Photocouplers, Timers, Osciallators, Dual Opamps, Quad Opamps, Comperators, Audio Amplifiers, Echo Processors, Current Mode Controllers, Darlington Arrays, Voltage Charge Pump
Sorted accordingly in a labeled plastic box