LSR Loreso 24 Value 600-Piece Transistor Assortment Kit – NPN PNP Transist...



Price: $17.45
(as of Sep 03,2020 14:04:04 UTC – Details)

Here’s How You Can Take All The Fuss Out Of Your Next DIY Project!
Looking for a reliable, all-inclusive set of electronic components for testing devices and unexpected electronics repairs?
Presenting A High-End Gauge Transistor Assortment Set, Released by Loreso!
No need to settle for cheaply-made transistors that give you headaches in use, poorly packaged transistor sets that arrive with missing items or in cases with all the components mixed up.
The Loreso 600-piece transistor kit is here to facilitate all your professional or DIY electronic tasks.
Why Choose Our Transistors Assortment Set? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!
✅ KEEP YOUR PARTS NEATLY ORGANIZED: Unlike many transistor sets that are delivered in messy cases, our kit will reach you with all different parts stored in compartments, for easy access whenever you need them.
✅ HAVE IT AT HAND FOR ALL YOUR PROJECTS: Instead of wasting money and energy looking for separate transistor pieces for your car repair or computer testing, you can invest in a Money Saver set of 600 pieces of most common NPN and PNP Transistors.
✅ RECEIVE YOUR ORDER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION: We walk the extra mile to make sure your set of transistors will reach you in impeccable condition. The durable plastic case facilitates the storage and transportation of your set.
Need More Reasons?
✔ Super Easy To Use
✔ Must-Have Transistor Set For Electronic Projects, Auto Repair & DIY Electronics
✔ Top Quality Manufacture – Competitive Price
What You Get:
600 * Pieces Of Assorted Transistors In Sturdy Case
What Are You Waiting For?
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✅ GET AN ALL-INCLUSIVE TRANSISTOR ASSORTMENT KIT including a large selection of the most widely used Power Transistors, which you will need in your audio-video, DIY electronics and vehicle repair projects.
✅ INVEST IN A HIGH-QUALITY TRANSISTOR SET: Made of top standard materials, our transistors have the high dielectric strength, fast switching speed, large power dissipation and good current performance you need.
✅ SAVE MONEY ON BUYING YOUR TRANSISTORS: We offer you a Great Value transistor assortment kit of 600 x 24 Value NPN and PNP Transistors at the most competitive price. Save energy looking for individual pieces!
✅ USE THEM FOR COUNTLESS PROJECTS: Find in the package models 2N222, 2N2907, 2N3903, 2N3904, 2N3906, 2N5401, 2N5551, BC327, BC337, BC517, BC547, BC548, BC549, BC550, BC556, BC557, BC558, S8050, S8550, S9012, S9013, S9014, S9015 and S9018 Series.
✅ KEEP ALL PIECES IN NEAT ORDER: You will receive our complete transistor assortment kit in a sturdy plastic box with compartments for different parts, which facilitates transportation and can be reused many times.