ARCELI 1500pcs 75 Values 1 Ohm to 10M Ohm 1/4W 5% Carbon Film Resistors Assortme...



Price: $11.99 - $9.99
(as of Sep 04,2020 02:42:28 UTC – Details)

Power: 1/4W
Type: Carbon Film Resistor
Resistance Range: 1 ohm to 10M ohm
Resistance Tolerance: (+/-)5%
Quantity: 75 Values 20pcs = 1500pcs
Total Weight: 181g / 6.4oz
Package Size: Approx. 11 7 4.5cm

Value of Resistance:
1ohm 2.2ohm 4.7ohm 5.6ohm 7.5ohm
8.2ohm 10ohm 15ohm 22ohm 27ohm
33ohm 39ohm 47ohm 56ohm 68ohm
75ohm 82ohm 100ohm 120ohm 150ohm
180ohm 200ohm 220ohm 270ohm 330ohm
390ohm 470ohm 510ohm 680ohm 820ohm
1kohm 1.5kohm 2kohm 2.2kohm 3kohm
3.3kohm 3.9kohm 4.7kohm 5.1kohm 5.6kohm
6.8kohm 7.5kohm 8.2kohm 10kohm 15kohm
20kohm 22kohm 33kohm 39kohm 47kohm
51kohm 56kohm 68kohm 75kohm 82kohm
100kohm 120kohm 150kohm 180kohm 200kohm
220kohm 300kohm 330kohm 470kohm 510kohm
560kohm 680kohm 750kohm 1Mohm 1.5Mohm
2Mohm 3.3Mohm 4.7Mohm 5.6Mohm 10Mohm

Very convenient and practical.
The resistance is marked on every row.
Contain 75 values and 1500pcs in total, 1 ohm to 10M ohm.
Great for your repair work, electronic DIY project, etc.