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Product Description

KingSo lightingKingSo lighting

Are you looking for higher-quality and lasting LED emitting diode lights?Are you still troubled by finding the suitable scientific experiment props for your kids and students?Now please don’t miss such a great item – KingSo LED diode lights !


KingSo 5 Colors×100pcs 5mm Light Emitting Assorted Kit Electronics Components – White Red Orange Yellow-green Blue


Science for Kids and Students

When the parents or teachers first see LED diode lights, we suppose they know they will have to make some themselves.It has inspired so much science learning an creativity with the kids and students, and is just pure awesomeness!


Best Choice for DIY Technophile

We are always looking for higher quality, less expensive experimental props to DIY scientific projects that we are interested in.KingSo LED diode lights will be a best choice to make LED Waterblock, VU Meter Circuit, Raspberry Pi Project and Cube Arduino Shield for us. It brings more laughter and fun to us.



Quantity: 500 pieces (5 colors x 100pcs) / PackEmitting Color: White/Red/Yellow-green /Blue/OrangeForward Voltage / Current : W/G/B/: 2.8-3.6V,O/R: 1.8-2.2V | 20mAViewing Angle: 120 DegreeLens: 5mm Diameter / Frosted / RoundPolarity: Anode (Longer Part) | Cathode (Shorter Part)


Compared with Others’ LED Diode Lights

Our LED Diode Lights have different colorful exteriors, easy to recognize and not confuse.The colors of the others’ clear diode lights are only apparent under voltage and inconvenient.

Wavelength Range: Red,620-625nm; Yellow,590-595nm; Green,520-525nm; Blue,460-465nm; White, 8000K.
Polarity : Anode (Longer Part) | Cathode (Shorter Part)
Forward Voltage / Current : W/G/B/: 2.8-3.6V,O/R: 1.8-2.2V | 20mA. Suitable for DIY LED Projects, School Science Experiments, Car Decorations,Signal Indicator,Electronic and Electrical Experiments,etc.
Kit Box: All different types of super bright diodes are separated in a neat kit box and labeled clearly.