rabbitgoo Rooftop Cargo Carrier Waterproof Car Roof Top Cargo Bag with Heavy Duty Straps, Soft Shell Luggage Storage Bag for Vehicles with/Without Roof Racks, Large Capacity 15 Cubic Feet

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Product Description



Hi Journey!

Take your home on the road, and travel with rabbitgoo!

Product Features:

✓Waterproof material, constructed with three layers protects against sun, rain, wind, and grit.

✓Provides Large Capacity for storage on the way. 15 Cubic Feet, which is the equivalent of 5 medium-sized suitcases, even more!

✓Straightforward, easy and quick installation method. Tighten and fix with 8 reinforced straps by attaching to racks.

✓Soft sides flex to fit odd-shaped loads.

✓Folds compact available for minimal storage.

✓Say bye to boring logo or company advertisements printed on bags. Our rooftop cargo bag is in a breezy and fresh look. With the slogan “Hi Journey”, take your trips in a cheerful mood!

Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag Heavy Duty Luggage Storage BagWaterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag Heavy Duty Luggage Storage Bag

***Package includes: 4 X Door Hooks; 1 X Cargo Bag; 1 X Instruction book

How to Install?

Clean your car rooftop;Place the cargo bag on your car top; Unzip the bag and load cargo in. Place heavy, large objects first and then lighter items on the top, creating compact load (Don’t place sharp objects);Close the zipper and fold the flap to cover the entire zipper;For cars with roof racks, please attach the bag to the roof rack by feeding the loose ends of the straps under the side rails and locking into buckle. Repeat the same procedures until all the straps are well fastened; For cars with no racks, please use our 4 door hooks as the roof rack to secure your bag. First pull down the car door rubber seal which is usually used to prevent water from entering the car. You will then see the car door metal frame. Please attach the hook to the metal frame and push back the rubber seal to create a loop outside the door. Finally, install the rooftop cargo bag on your car, and strap it to the 4 loops to secure your cargo bag. The lashing straps on the front and rear sides should not be tied on sides,but should be connected by buckles.Tighten both ends of each strap until the cargo bag is secured. Tie off excess straps to prevent from flapping while driving.

Capacity: 15 Cubic Feet

Loading weight: less than the load bearing of the car rooftop

Dimension: 44”x 34”x 17” (112 x 86 x 43 cm)

*** Note: Please turn the sealed side (the side without zipper) toward the front of the car.

cargo bags for roof rackscargo bags for roof racks

Spacious Roof Bag

Whether you’re planning a cross-country trip or you’re in the mood for a little off-roading, our roof top carrier is ready for any adventure!





roof rack cargo carrier

roof rack cargo carrier

carrier car top

carrier car top

Heavy duty construction

Soft sides flex to fit odd-shaped loads.

Waterproof design

The whole bag is made of PVC waterproof material. The updated zipper is specially covered with a waterproof layer to increase water resistance.

Fits 15 Cubic Feet of Cargo

Dimensions: 44″ x 34″ x 17″

Stores easily when not in use

Easy to attach to roof racks


Extendable to Max. Length of 61.4″, Height 15.9″

Universal fit most cars





Adjustable Wire Mesh

Mesh window, Side Flaps, Opening for Belts, Non-slip bottom

Key Features

Fully adjustable, Universal Fit for Most Vehicles, Easy to Install w/o Any Tool

Waterproof, Scratch-proof, Nonslip, Machine-washable, Convertible

★Package includes: 4 X Door Hooks+1 X Cargo Bag. Extra Large Capacity: Overall size 44” x 34” x 17” fits most cars and 15 Cubic Feet of storage space provides plenty of room to fully satisfy your needs of any adventure at an economical way, increasing your vehicle cargo space during travels
Easy And Safe Installation: 2 installation methods for your convenience! For cars WITH RACKS, you can tighten and fix cargo bag with 8 reinforced straps by attaching to racks on your car top; For cars WITHOUT RACKS, you can use our 4 SAFETY DOOR HOOKS to help install this rooftop car carrier (See the description for detailed installation instructions)
Durable Quality, Perfect for Travels: Extra long flap helps protect zipper and resist water; Premium material, constructed with three layers can effectively protect against sun, rain, wind and grit, ensuring safe storage during bad weather and making your adventure easy on the way (Please turn the sealed side toward the front of the car)
Sturdy Construction: Heavy duty straps, upgraded zipper with a waterproof layer and high quality thick seams with penetration resistant coating help bring extra durability, suitable for packing large over-sized or odd-shaped objects and you don’t worry it will tear off or get scratched during riding
Bring Convenience: This roof top carrier is ready to help increase car’s overall carrying capacity and bring you convenience during travels